4 Reasons Why Home Health Hospice Care is Popular

Sometimes after a period of illness or injury the best place to recover and recuperate is right in the comfort of your own home. While the hospital has professional facilities and personnel at hand to help with recovery, your home provides the conducive environment and peace of mind to help accelerate the recovery process.

Not too long ago, many families felt as if they had to put their loved ones in a nursing home or assisted living facility in order to get quality healthcare. Thanks to quality home health care services provided by facilities like Wings of Hope, more people have embraced the thought of enrolling their loved ones in home health care. Instead of moving a loved one away from home, home care allows them to continue living in the place where they feel loved, comfortable, and extremely happy. If your loved one is in need of professional health care and you are having a difficult time deciding on the best form of hospice care for him/her, here are four reasons to enroll them in home health hospice care:

Care in the Comfort of the Patient’s Home

There is no place where a patient feels more comfortable and loved than in their own home where he/she is surrounded by his/her loved ones. One’s home is the best setting for providing health care to recovering patients. This form of hospice care is convenient for both the patient and the rest of the family. A recent study on the impact of home health hospice care shows that this form of care accelerates the recovery process and has been highlighted as a key step towards achieving optimal health outcomes for many patients.

Customized Care Plans

Another reason to consider enrolling your loved one in home health care is due to the customized care plan that suits their individual needs. Unlike a facility where the care is pretty uniform for all housed patients, one gets customized care at home. The one on one care provided not only improves the quality of medical care, but creates a bond between the patient and nurse. Even better is the fact that the family has consistent say on the treatment plan. This makes it a win-win situation for both the patient and the family.

Cheaper than Other Forms of Hospice Care

Home health hospice care is cheaper than the in-facility hospice care, since the patient is living in their own home, eating home-cooked food (unless there is need for specialized foods), and getting help from family members. The only downside of home health care is that it is not covered by Medicare.


Home care also provides flexibility in the level of care. It can be increased or decreased depending on the medical situation of the patient. If the patient is recovering well, then the number of hours nursing hours can be reduced, while if the situation is getting worse, the care can be stepped up.

If your loved one’s medical condition allows for home health care, you have all the reasons to highly consider it as an option for your family. Your loved one will be spending time close to the people he/she loves and heal in a conducive environment. For more information on our home care services here at Wings of Hope, give us a call today at 602-971-0304 and we will provide more information.