4 Reasons Why We Should Donate to Hospice Care

When seeking a healthcare service, you want a service that is efficient, effective, and cost effective but rarely will you get more than one. When hospice care is necessary, you can be sure all three of these expectations are met.

If people in local communities understood the value of hospice care, they would no doubt be more interested in contributing toward hospices. Although the awareness levels seem to be on the rise, there is still a very large information gap which needs to be bridged for more people to get in on the act. Why should you be more interested in donating to non-profit hospice care? Here are 4 reasons:

Hospice care has changed millions of lives

Unless you have had a loved one enrolled in a hospice facility, you may not quite appreciate their significance in the healthcare industry. Hospice care has changed millions of lives both directly and indirectly. Directly, they have impacted the patients and their families with care that helps reduce the patient’s suffering and improves their quality of life. The spiritual and emotional support offered goes a long way in helping the affected families come to terms with the reality of the situation and allows them to spend more time with their loved ones. This is important in any community.

Medicaid and Medicare is not enough

Although many hospice services are funded by Medicare and Medicaid, the financial aid is not always sufficient. There are also a host of services which are not catered for by insurance. This is where hospices look to their communities for help. Many small community hospices rely on financial support from their immediate communities to run their programs and improve on the quality of services provided.

Donations don’t have to be financial

Although most hospice facilities prefer to receive financial donations, your help does not always have to be in cash. Your donation can include food items, unused items, or volunteer your time at the facility.

Hospice facilities are non-profit organizations

As a non-profit facility, you can be comfortable in the fact that all the funding they get goes directly to providing services for patients and their families.

We are all aging and at some point will need hospice care. At that time, we all want to receive high quality care from the right professionals. This is why it’s only fair to donate to the current hospice facilities to ensure that current patients are receiving quality care. The next time you come across a plea or fund drive meant to raise funds for hospice care, don’t hesitate to give wholeheartedly.

Here at Wings of Hope we use donations to fund a wide range of services including emotional support counseling for veterans and affected family members, memorial planning assistance, assisting with VA benefit applications and putting family members in touch with the resources they need to manage their lives. To learn more about these services, please contact us today.