Advantages of In-Patient Hospice Care for Patients

There are many reasons families turn to in-patient hospice care for their loved ones. In-patient care often comes with additional peace of mind and support that at home care may not offer. For those who are concerned about their ability to care for a loved one day in and day out, in-patient care can be the best possible solution for everybody involved.

Full Time Care

One major benefit of in-patient hospice care is the level of attention and care provided by a full-time staff. This staff includes nurses, doctors, therapists and other specialists who are available around the clock to help manage pain, adjust bedding, bring food and more. This level of care is hard to reproduce at home, even if you have staff checking in or you stay home full time to care for your loved one.

Improved Quality of Care

Aside from the time commitment, in-patient care also covers a more detailed care plan. There are many treatment options that are simply not available at home because they must be administered by a nurse or other medical professional. If your loved one requires specialized treatments, in-patient care may be the only option to keep them successfully on their treatment plan.

Lower Risk

Thanks to the additional support offered by the team at your hospice facility, there is significantly less risk to a patient at an in-patient facility. If you’re worried about slips, trips and falls in your home, an in-patient facility is a good solution. Since your home is probably not set up for full time caring for a patient, there are some challenges that are difficult to overcome, even if you rearrange your furniture and try to make the house as simple to navigate as possible.

These are just a few of the benefits of in-patient hospice care for those who need additional support and medical services. In-patient care is typically covered by Medicare and Medicald, which can also reduce your out of pocket expenses for care when compared to at-home options. If you want to learn more about in-patient care, contact Wings of Hope today and speak with one of our placement specialists.