Can Hospice Respite Care Help You?

For millions of people, the need to become a full-time caregiver happens suddenly and unexpectedly. It often forces caregivers to give up their careers and hobbies while they focus on providing the best care possible to their loved ones. Unfortunately, it can also take a toll on the caregiver mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is why hospice facilities are offering hospice respite care to give caregivers a chance to renew their energy and rebuild their sense of self.

What is Hospice Respite Care?

Hospice respite care is a short term program which allows patients to check into a care facility while their caregiver takes a respite. Respite care is designed to last for a few days up to a full week depending on the needs of the caregiver. During this time, the patient will receive the highest level of care provided by full time care specialists at the facility.

Benefits of Hospice Respite Care

It’s undeniable that many caregivers experience extreme burnout and exhaustion from their caregiving duties. The emotional toll alone can become unbearable if the patient’s condition is not showing signs of improvement. Many caregivers give up on trying to do things alone because they feel guilty about leaving their loved one unattended even for short periods of time.

Hospice respite care helps combat these feelings by ensuring that the patient is in a safe, stable environment while the caregiver takes time off. This time can be spent catching up on other responsibilities, enjoying a vacation alone, or even staying home and relaxing with no responsibilities for a period of time. Since many caregivers experience degrees of depression and helplessness during their day to day routine, taking a respite can help restore hope and energy to the individual and renew their sense of control over the situation. It can also help alleviate any guilt that may be underlying their service to their family members.

Many hospice facilities offer respite care services as often as once a month for short term stays, so caregivers create a routine that gives them ample space and time to live their own lives comfortably.

Hospice respite care plays a vital role in raising morale for caregivers. It can also make a big difference in the health of hospice patients by getting them out of their homes and offering them a chance for socialization. Caregivers can enjoy their time off to rest, relax, and get away from the stress of full time care.

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