Everything You Need to Know About Medicare Hospice Billing

If you have never dealt with Medicare and hospice billing before, there can be a lot of confusion during the early months. The good news is that the majority of hospice patients do qualify for Medicare benefits. Once the initial paperwork is completed, the billing routine becomes much simpler. This guide will walk you through the steps to getting your Medicare hospice benefits.

Notice of Elections

The first step in claiming your Medicare hospice benefits is the submission of a Notice of Elections or NOE to the Medicare office. This notice is used to establish and verify information about the patient, their eligibility, and the type of care that they will be receiving. It also gives the Medicare office an official starting date for care or the date the patient was admitted to the facility. As a patient, or family member of a patient, this form should be completed with any admissions paperwork, and the care facility is responsible for sending it on to the Medicare office within five days. If, at any point, the patient is discharged or chooses to change care facilities, a new NOE will be written up to show the transfer or termination of care.

Monthly Claims

Once the NOE has been received and processed by the Medicare office, the patient will be eligible to begin submitting monthly claims for their care. Again, this is typically done online by the care facilities themselves. If you receive a paper statement that you believe should have been sent to Medicare, you should contact the payment specialist at your care facility for more information. Care facilities have a limited amount of time to submit claims, and they are only able to submit one claim per month per patient, so it is important to keep up with these if you believe you are receiving improper bills.

While most of the Medicare work happens behind the scenes, it is important that all patients and family members are aware of their rights and responsibilities when entering treatment. Furthermore, you should always ask questions about who is responsible for submitting claims ahead of time so you know what to look out for if something comes up missing.

To learn more about Medicare hospice eligibility and benefits, contact Wings of Hope today. We can give you an overview of what types of care are covered and how you or your loved one can apply to start receiving benefits right away.