Family Hospice Care Planning

Nobody wants to start thinking about hospice care before they have to. However, in the United States millions of people spend time in a hospice facility each year. This is why it is highly recommended that families make hospice care planning a part of their other end-of-life preparations.

How to Begin Planning

Planning for family hospice care is much less stressful when done in advance of a medical emergency. The best place to start is by determining eligibility for hospice services based upon current income. The vast majority of people who end up in hospice care have some or all of their care services paid for by Medicare. If you or your loved ones are not eligible for Medicare, you will want to conduct research into hospice facility costs in your area. You should also contact your insurer and ask about hospice services and what coverage they have to offer. Being aware of the financial implications ahead of time will give you more options if you ever do need to decide on family hospice care in the future.

If someone in your family develops a terminal illness, you will want to already have a list of hospice facilities near you to consider. If you begin planning far enough in advance, you will have time to visit and tour some of these facilities before making your decision. Again, the best time to do this is before you are in the midst of an emergency. Some hospice facilities have different features which may or may not be right for what your family needs. You don’t want to make the wrong decision under pressure.

Finally, once you are familiar with what is in your area, you can make a list of facilities that you approve of. You should inform the whole family of your hospice care decisions so everyone is on board if or when the time comes. The better the planning, the easier the transition can be.

Here at >Wings of Hope, we want to help families adjust to the realities of hospice care as smoothly as possible. We are here to answer questions and give you more information about what makes our facility different from a hospital or other care facility. If you are in the process of family hospice care planning, please contact us at 602.971.0304 and speak with one of our patient care experts right away.