Questions to Ask Your Parents Before Placing Them in Elderly Care

Despite the fact that you have gotten to know your parents over the course of your entire life, there are many things they may keep private from you. However, if you hope to provide the highest quality of elderly care in their later years, you must ask a few questions to find what things are most important to them. This is especially important if you have not been a part of their daily routine as they aged.

What Type of Support Do They Most Need?

Different people seek different kinds of comfort as they age. Some patients want to be in a high tech environment where they can interact with doctors and nurses on the cutting edge of new treatments. Other patients prefer a quieter space where they can relax and enjoy their families without all the hustle and bustle of a treatment facility. What type of support does your loved one really want and need during this time? You may be surprised at their answer.

What Activities or Amenities are they Interested in?

Nearly all elderly care facilities have some activities scheduled for their residents, as well as amenities to make the time more comfortable. A small library or a calendar full of social events can make a big difference in the way a patient perceives their new care facility, especially if they don’t want to feel like they are alone. Even amenities like a salon can help patients feel more like themselves.

What Do they want Visitation to Look Like?

Does your loved one envision sitting in their room with their whole family around, or would they prefer a care facility where you can take them out into a garden or other sitting area to visit? Depending on their personality and the types of facilities available near you, you should be able to find a facility that allows for comfortable and enjoyable visitation without feeling overbearing.

These are just three simple questions that can help you to better understand what your loved ones want out of a care facility, and how they want to spend their time. While it can be a difficult discussion to start, choosing the right facility can go a long way toward lifting spirits and making the most of this time with your family.

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