What is Hospice Care and Why Is It Important?

There is a lot of confusion about what hospice care is and who it is for. Many people think hospice care is only utilized when someone is near death. This false assumption is one that many in the hospice industry are working to overcome. In truth, hospice care is a specialized type of care that is patient-focused and driven by a desire to produce the highest quality of life for patients with chronic illnesses.

What Makes Hospice Care Different?

Hospice care is largely defined by the goals and mentality of the treatment being administered. While traditional hospitals are set up to cure illnesses and return patients to their day to day lives, they aren’t set up to aid those who are battling long term illnesses which may be terminal. In fact, hospitals may expose patients to even more harmful illnesses due to the high rate of patient turnover.

By contrast, a hospice facility is designed to be a quiet, peaceful place for patients to focus on healing. If a doctor has deemed a patient sick enough that recovery is unlikely, hospice allows the care team to focus on keeping the patient comfortable and happy, rather than subjecting them to endless bouts of experimental treatments in search of an answer. Hospice is focused on making the most of the patient’s time by giving them more control and space to heal.

Why Hospice is Important

Hospice is a flexible program that can include at-home or inpatient treatment. It allows the patient to decide how and where they would like to spend their time. It can also offer a respite from tiresome and intensive treatments that regular hospitals offer. Signing onto a hospice service does not necessarily mean the patient is giving up hope, as they can always sign back out and resume treatments at their regular care facility. However, many patients and families opt for hospice near the end of life because it gives them more privacy to enjoy the time they have remaining together.

More people are beginning to understand what hospice really is and how it helps families who are faced with difficult end of life decisions. To learn more about available options,contact Wings of Hope today and speak to one of our patient care experts about our programs and services.