What is Included in Complete Hospice Care?

Hospice care can encompass a wide range of services for the patient, and will likely look different depending on the specific illnesses involved. You will want to be sure when contacting hospice care providers that your loved one will be receiving the most complete hospice care available. Here are three of the most important aspects of finding comprehensive care:

Patient Comfort is Number One

Perhaps the biggest sign that you are getting complete hospice care is that the care provider always puts the patient’s wishes first. The goal of the care is to give the patient as much flexibility and autonomy as they need to live their best life during this time. If the patient wants to be treated from home, they should be allowed to do so. Likewise, if a patient feels like they need the additional support of a full time staff, this option should also be available. The hospice provider should be intimately familiar with your loved one and their wishes for themselves.

Treating More than Just Physical Ailments

Another part of comprehensive hospice care is ensuring that patients receive plenty of interaction and opportunities for companionship. A hospice facility must treat the physical, mental and emotional needs of the patients. Hospice facilities often bring in therapists, volunteers and other organizations to engage with the patients, talk to them, read to them, or even do their hair and makeup for a day. These activities can help lift the patient’s spirit and prevent serious mental conditions.

Expert Treatment Teams

Finally, complete hospice care must come with the help of an expert staff. A large majority of patients in hospice facilities are struggling with similar conditions such as dementia, cancers or other major illnesses. The team of employees must be knowledgeable in treating these common illnesses, and have a system for administering treatment effectively. They should also have a system in place for keeping families up to date on new developments and other potential treatment options that may be available.

These are the most important features of any complete hospice care group. To learn more about options available to you, contact Wings of Hope today and speak with one of our patient care experts. We provide a wide range of hospice services inside and outside of our facility to give your loved ones the best possible care. We are happy to answer your questions and give a tour of our facility.