When In Patient Hospice Care is Appropriate

Although 7 out of 10 Americans wish to spend the last days of their life at home, there are circumstances when receiving hospice care away from home is inevitable. In instances of severe pain and other life-threatening symptoms, home becomes far from the perfect location to receive hospice care. This is where inpatient hospice care comes into the equation.

Inpatient Hospice Care

Inpatient hospice care refers to a form of care which is offered in a facility equipped with the right resources to offer specialized care to patients suffering from acute and complex symptoms. The inpatient hospice care can be offered from a hospice, a hospital, a nursing facility or even a free-standing medical facility.

When is inpatient care appropriate? At what point should you look into transferring your loved one from home care to an inpatient facility? Here are the scenarios when inpatient hospice care is appropriate;

When a patient’s medical condition deteriorates, then intensive nursing intervention that can only be offered in a well-equipped care facility may be required. Inpatient hospice facilities are best suited to help manage the sudden change in the medical condition of the patient.

When a patient’s pain and discomfort becomes too much and requires specialized treatment to control the pain and symptoms. This specialized treatment is offered in inpatient facilities with the help of sophisticated medical equipment.

Sometimes patients may develop bedsores and other wounds while at home. These wounds often require frequent cleaning and dressing. When these complex procedures cannot be managed from the patient’s home, he/she needs to be transferred to an inpatient facility.

Sometimes a patient begins to exhibit new or unusual symptoms of illness. While at home care may work for patients who are already stable, changes in symptoms often require close monitoring and diagnosis by a skilled team of doctors and nurses.

If a patient becomes prone to slipping and falling at home, fractures can become a tough reality. In severe cases, broken bones may require surgery and ongoing rehabilitation. Inpatient hospice care facilities are equipped with special resources and equipment to offer support to patients suffering from fractures and will help the patient lead a much more comfortable life.

Inpatient hospice facilities are designed to help patients feel at home in an environment where they can be safely cared for by experts. Here at Wings of Hope Hospice, we appreciate that specialized care is sometimes necessary and therefore offer high quality inpatient care to patients of all ages. Our facility is well-equipped and staffed with the best physicians and nurses to help offer the best possible care to those who need it most.

Give us a call and we will provide more information on our specialized inpatient hospice care. We understand that each patient’s needs are unique and strive to offer care that meets the individual needs of each patient. Besides inpatient hospice care, we offer a host of other quality hospice services aimed at improving the quality of lives that our patient’s lead. Choose Wings of Hope today and give your loved one the best possible care.