Why Hospice Care at Home Is Becoming More Common

Now that our lifespans have been extended by medical advancements and we are growing more aware of quality of life issues as we age, hospice care at home has become far more prevalent. There are many reasons people choose to receive hospice care at home instead of in a permanent facility.

Comfort is the Primary Concern

The biggest benefit of in-home hospice care is the comfort and familiarity it affords patients and families during this difficult time. Patients typically feel most comfortable in the environment where they spent most of their time before they became ill, and want family to be welcome and comfortable as well. At home care makes it easier for visitors to come and go without dealing with complicated visitation policies. For many people, inpatient facilities seem too impersonal for their loved one’s last days.

Reducing the Stress

A top complaint among patients in hospitals and retirement communities is the constant barrage of doctors coming and going and machines making noise. Even for a person in good health, these constant disruptions can add to the stress of the day. Choosing to have at home care can reduce the stress level by eliminating much of the noise and clutter an inpatient facility comes with. In many cases, it’s also possible to minimize the number of times a caregiver stops in.

When Cost is a Factor

Hospice Care at home comes with some inherent cost savings since you are really only paying for the cost of the caregiver to check in, without extra facility fees, meals, and other expenses. Home care is typically less expensive, but still falls within the guidelines for coverage by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance.

Hospice care at home is becoming more popular by the day as more people learn they can ease their way through the final months with their family member without the added stress of transitioning to a new living environment. In many cases home care offers a cost savings and added comfort for the whole family.

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